Looking for a photographer for your wedding?

Hi, I'm Candice Betty. As founder of Ambition Photography, I'd like to make your decision in choosing a photographer easier.


What sets Ambition Photography apart from other studios is our shooting style - we shoot with a mix of fine art and storytelling styles so that your albums contain set of images that evoke more emotion than any single image could. 


We strive to be world class in the way we coach our clients before, during, and after your wedding. We work with you at each step of the way, providing you with reliable customer service. Our goal is to transform any hesitation you have in front of the camera into a fun and relaxed experience where we make you look and feel your best. 

In addition to weddings, we also offer portraits and event coverage. 


Visit our galleries to see a sampling of our artwork. We look forward to serving you. Contact us at 714-794-8790.