Speedlight Portrait Workshop | Mastering Portable Off-camera Lighting

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Learning Photography

Are you within your first few years as a professional photographer?

Are you excited about learning everything that you can and improving your skills in photography?

How much of what you've learned by reading or watching Creative Live can you reliably execute on every one of your shoots?

Knowledge vs. Skill

One of my mentors, Scott Robert Lim, said in an interview on Creative Live recently, "Knowledge is nothing without skill."

What he meant by this is that it doesn't matter how much you know in photography, unless you can apply it.

"You need to commit yourself to a weekly photography practice when you are in the first few years of your photography career." he says.

Scott suggests that you find a group of photographers to practice with every week. This is the only way to improve your skill is to practice regularly. That's what my group Orange County Photographers and our workshops are enabling us to do.

These practice sessions are a way for everyone in the group to hone their photography skills in an informal hands-on setting.

Photography Group in Orange County

Orange County Photographer's most recent workshop was free, and the topic was working with Speedlights and improving your portrait lighting skills using off-camera flash. The focus was on using portable equipment to apply lighting techniques in a fast paced indoor environment.

People working as shooters and assistants developed skills to work together to create flattering light on the subject and background. Manual and TTL Speedlight modes were covered, as well as when to use each for the best results.

Our gorgeous model for this session was Christina Johnson, a personal friend of mine in Huntington Beach and fellow salsa dancer. You can view her gallery on my website here http://www.ambitionphoto.co/christina_2015

To view more of my work at Ambition Photography in Huntington Beach, visit my website http://www.ambitionphoto.co. You can view more photos from our other photographer, Rocky Casteneda, at his website http://www.roxfotos.com.

If you're in Orange County or Los Angeles and you're interested in improving your photography posing, lighting, and client skills, join my Facebook group Orange County Photographers. Leave a comment with the type of photography that you do and the topics you're interested in learning about. We look forward to practicing and learning with you!

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